Our dreams

The school has taken on the mission of educating the children who attend school there to become conscious global citizens with an eye for sustainability, ecology and respect for people and nature. We hope to create a school where the well-being of each student is high and the connection between all students is maximum. At our school we have a diverse group of students. We want to give students with disabilities the same opportunities as any other child. This can include both a physical disability and a form of ADHD, ASD. We feel the need to provide play opportunities for these children as well. Investing in broad accessibility is therefore one of our focal points. We also see that our city is becoming more and more silted up and there are fewer and fewer outdoor play opportunities for the city children who come to our school. As a school we want to offer an answer to this by thinking about the accessibility of our playground.

Yet we struggle with the reality of the school building and its environment. The state of our school clashes with the ideal we want to pursue on several levels.

We want to educate people who are conscious of resources and energy but our school itself is not adapted to this. We want to educate our students to be people who respect nature and fellow human beings but our school is not adapted to that either. On our concrete playground there are daily conflicts, accidents and high play pressure.

If we as teachers in our society want to be at the forefront of a social change to be more conscious of our environment then our infrastructure must serve this purpose.

We are at the point where change is needed and support is sufficient to take action.

In the small society that makes up our school, we want this change to trickle down to all levels. We want the children to participate in dreaming about how to run school. Their wishes and desires are the essence in this project. Therefore, their involvement is high. The children are decisive in getting teachers, parents, grandparents and local residents to be part of the project. Since the start of the project, hundreds of people have been questioned, approached and involved. In this way, the walls of our small school world were broken down and a dynamic was created that challenges us to go further and further.

We want to adapt the play area not only for the children who currently attend school there, but also for the children of these children. The idea of letting nature win back over the concrete is our guarantee that this green playground will also be ready for the future. We therefore want to make conscious, sustainable and ecological choices in the materials and planting materials we want to put in place.

We hope to realize the following dreams with our project:

– Create an accessible, green and dynamic play landscape for children. This with attention to sustainability and ecological choices.

– Break open the classic concrete playground and transform it into a diverse play landscape within the school environment.

– Participation of all shareholders of the school: students, teachers, parents, local residents and sympathizers.

– Actively consider opening up our playground so that it can be opened up to outside organizations and possibly used as a public play area.

– Create an inclusive play space that pays attention to accessibility (wheelchair, baby carriage, etc.) and play and rest elements for persons with disabilities.