Play Nature

Studies worldwide (see inspiration) show that children learn better in a green environment and that their well-being is boosted in a nature-rich playground. There are many more play impulses, there are countless learning opportunities and bullying behavior demonstrably decreases. The children of the school were therefore involved from the start of the project.

Together with them, the parents, local residents and the teachers of the school, we have been working on the design and implementation of the project for more than 3 years. As a school, it is obvious for us to make a radical change and go resolutely for greening. Of the 4000 square meters that we have broken out, half consists of play mounds and small wildernesses where the children will find rest and security as well as places to hide and play.

Within that play nature we also provide space for adventurous play. Play equipment made of Robinia and step and climb trunks ensure that the children’s mobility and motor skills also increase.

We also placed 5 large climbing and playing trees selected by the children of the school.

Where on our old playground King Football reigned, in this new playground every child is challenged to climb, scramble, crawl and hang.

Our playground is inspected annually by an accredited agency so that we can also keep our children playing safely. Of course accidents still happen. But we notice that this is much less than before. Our playground is not as safe as possible, but as safe as necessary. We hereby endorse the Risk Declaration of the International School Grounds Alliance: