Tackle your playground

In 2016, we were ignited by the story of Pimp Your Playground and MOS. We delved into the world of green playgrounds and, most importantly, discovered that green playgrounds in the literal sense of the word do not exist. After all, green doesn’t stay green. It becomes mud or autumn or gray or full of color. So, after this realization, we speak of our new “play and learning landscape.” That covers our charge better. 

We integrate many external teaching programmes into our daily practice. In 2020, we received the label ‘Eco-school’ through MOS and through the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The link between the creation and the use of the place is inseparable. You can see how we approach this in the following film.

People who know a lot, if not everything, about greening playgrounds:

Brand new in Flanders, official partner of Learning through landscapes, member of ISGA and created thanks to the Klimaatspeelplaats:


BLES is an expert network of play experts, teachers, social workers, academics and landscape designers with a heart for outdoor play and learning.

The Salzburg Statement for Greening School Grounds & Outdoor Learning

Klimaatspeelplaats and BLES were invited to co-author the Salzburg Declaration on the importance of outdoor learning and play in a green environment. This declaration serves as a call to the United Nations to act on this.

Around the world, natural schoolyards improve children’s play, health and well-being – and help improve climate resilience, community engagement and educational outcomes.

Read the Declaration here.

In addition, in Flanders, the following organizations also exist and are happy to help, inspire or refer:

Pimp je speelplaats
MOS Vlaanderen
Kind en Samenleving
Beleef de tuin


The International School Grounds Alliance

Learning through Landscapes



Outdoor Play and Learning UK

Outdoor Classroom day

Instituut voor Natuureducatie

Grün macht schule Berlin

In Utrecht, NL, people are actively working on green-blue schoolyards. Inspiration and even a delicious menu can be found at https://www.utrechtseschoolpleinen.nl/.

In Nijmegen, NL, elementary school De Lanteerne has a ‘world square’. You can see how they work there via this video:

The province of Gelderland, NL, together with IVN Nature Education, has created a nice overview with images of how to realize a playground project. Take a look at it!