Softening the soil

Thanks to the 2018 project call ‘Experimental softening’ from the Department of Environment Flanders, we obtained a grant of 250,000 euros to soften and rebuild our playground.

The school made the commitment to connect 90% of the roofs to a new rainwater system where reuse and infiltration into the soil are paramount. In addition, the entire playground + parking area (4000 m²) was broken up and redesigned. The distribution of new tiles – green areas is 50/50. From the total of 4000 m², 1750 m² are reconstructed as green areas. For various school activities a part of the paving is still needed. The rainwater that falls on the paving will be collected and infiltrated into the soil through an infiltration system. In this way the entire school site, including buildings, covering 4800 m², becomes a zone where rainwater is reused or infiltrated.

Under the name of Vlaanderen Breekt Uit // Sint-Paulus Breekt Uit, this project also came into the spotlight several times.