Shared use

The playground is regularly opened to local youth work and local residents. A registration system with badges was developed for this purpose, among other things. In this way we want to be a green oasis for the people in the neighbourhood. This is being done in consultation with the city of Kortrijk.

During the vacations, some parents organize a shared childcare there under the heading ‘Paulus plays’. Scouts group Willem van Saeftinghe also comes every Saturday with a group to play on our playground.

In addition, parents of the school can also use the playground for birthday parties, among other things. This is by reservation.

Some parents have started a bee project on the school site with the help of the school. This is called “Bie Paulus”. In an old, modified sea container there are six hives. This provides a lot of honey and fun learning projects with the children!

An entrance gate was also automated and equipped with remote control. Via an app we can operate it. We are experimenting with how best to organize our opening.

Among other things, we drew up a set of rules and regulations. Because we have very little social control, we opted to place cameras on our playground. These focus on the important walkways and provide control.

Volgend filmpje werd door de Ambrassade in het kader van een studiedag rond gThe following movie was made by de Ambrassade in the framework of a study day about shared school playgrounds. The filming took place partly on our playground and shows that we are doing well in the city of Kortrijk with many schools :).