At the playground of the Sint-Paulus School in Kortrijk, Belgium, children come back into contact with nature. Playing and learning comes first. Thanks to a well-aimed and sustainable project, the city school has succeeded in transforming its concrete surface into a stimulating play and learning landscape where play nature, a large dose of play stimuli and biodiversity have found their place. You can now see the children playing their own games in a wonderful way. Adventurous play is allowed, free play gets every opportunity, discovering and learning is a must. Learning happens even more in the open air and this creates an enormous richness. Be welcome, steal with your eyes, all the rest is well to fairly well fixed.

We integrate many external teaching programmes into our daily practice. In 2020, we received the label ‘Eco-school’ through MOS and through the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The link between the creation and the use of the place is inseparable. You can see our approach in this film.
School Education Gateway is an initiative of the European Commission and eTwinning to exchange practices and knowledge on education in the European Union. They made a report about our work .

What is a climate adaptive school ground?

A climate adaptive playground provides an answer to various challenges that come with climate change.

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Children love animals and plants. Itchy critters that sit between the cracks of stacking walls, flowers with all kinds of colors and smells, …

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Play nature

Studies worldwide show that children learn better in a green environment and that their well-being is boosted in a nature-rich playground.

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Softening and greening playgrounds is a key challenge in the necessary softening fo the soil story in Flanders.

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Shared use

The playground is regularly opened to local youth work and local residents. A registration system with badges was developed for this purpose, among other things. In this way, we want to be a green oasis for the people in the neighborhood…

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Practical tips and solutions

There is often suspicion or doubt regarding the maintenance and use of a natural playground. It’s funny, because on our old concrete playground children sometimes got dirty (and pants ripped after falling and bumps and scrapes were the order of the day). That’s why we like to share the tips we apply at our school.

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